Friday, 18 February 2011

Indigenous Crap

This is a photo of a costume I made as part of my practise.

The idea behind this project was that in the west we now worship material life more than we worship any god. Objects have become our new idols

I decided to make a costume out of things I purchased in the pound shop. Most of it is slowly desintegrating and falling apart, showing how transient material life is.
After I finished the costume I performed a "tribal" dance and filmed it. Lots of bits fell on the floor and the costume made very interesting noises but I am still working on the films, so maybe i'll ulpoad them at some later point in time.

So basically I spent a lot of time doing something that worships the ready-made


  1. This is a stunning dress. I really like what you wrote about the project, and hope you post some of the video footage.

  2. Thank you. Once I get the rythim going with this blog I will